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WARNING: RESTRICT_SYSLOG is disabled. See SECURITY WARNING in Firewall Configuration

WARNING: RESTRICT_SYSLOG is disabled. See SECURITY WARNING in Firewall Configuration

Today I got the above error while entering to “ConfigServer Security & Firewall” in WHM.


1. Login to WHM

2.Home » Plugins » ConfigServer Security & Firewall

3.set RESTRICT_SYSLOG to 3 , which is the default value

# 0 = Allow those options listed above to be used and configured
# 1 = Disable all the options listed above and prevent them from being used
# 2 = Disable only alerts about this feature and do nothing else
# 3 = Restrict syslog/rsyslog access to RESTRICT_SYSLOG_GROUP


Bu cevap yeterince yardımcı oldu mu?

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