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cPanel Account transfer process Methods

cPanel Account transfer process Methods

Migrate your cPanel Accounts via WHM

To begin this process, you will need to log into your server as the root user.  There are several cpanel account transfer process methods for transferring the compressed backups we have created.

WHM >> Transfers>> Copy an Account From Another Server

The cPanel Transfer Utility currently supports:
WHM 4.5+
Pre WHM 4.5
EnXim 3.x and 4.x

Complete all the entries and click transfer button.

Another method available to transfer account with an account password.

WHM >> Transfers >> Copy an Account From Another Server With an Account Password

Copy Multiple Accounts and Packages From Another Server

WHM >> Transfers >> Copy Multiple Accounts/Packages from Another Server

Complete Remote Server Information and click fetch account list button. You can select list of account which need to transfer and click copy accounts.

It will take long time process to complete all the account transfer.

Account transfer via Cpanel

If you are moving from a host cPanel account to another cPanel account, please follow these instructions:

Login to your cPanel and click the “Backup” icon.
Click the “Download or Generate a Full Backup” button. This will backup all of your email accounts, files, and MySQL databases.
Leave the drop down on Home Directory and be sure to have a valid email address in the second box. Leave the remaining boxes empty.
Click the “Generate Backup” button and wait for an email confirmation to arrive.

Once backup process completed, Transfer backup file to new server via FTP or get the backup file from NEW server using FTP.

root@NEW[~]#ftp <old cpanel server ip>

login using ftp user and password.

download backup file through get option.

ftp>get backup-3.4.2011_23-46-32_oldcpuser.tar.gz

once download completed, move backup file to /home folder and run this restore command.

root@NEW[~]#/scripts/restorepkg oldcpuser

Thants all, account will be restored.

Cpanel account transfer via server SSH to server

Login your Old server SSH via root user and use these commands.

root@OLD[~]#cd /home
root@OLD[~]#/scripts/pkgacct <cpuser>

Once package account process completed, You can view backup file like cpmove-cpuser.tar.gz

Transfer account to another NEW server using RSYNC or SCP commands.

root@OLD[~]#rsync -avz –progress /home/cpmove-cpuser.tar.gz  root@<newserverip>:/home

User this command if your server have different SSH port.

root@OLD[~]#rsync –progress –stats -avz –rsh=’ssh -p5093′ cpmove-user.tar.gz  root@<newserverip>:/home/

Once transfer completed goto NEW server SSH and restore account.

root@NEW[~]#/scripts/restorepkg oldcpuser

Thats all !!!

Transfer Large size of cpanel account to remote server

Mostly it will be best doing via screen.

Login your old server via root user and goto your home folder. This command will skip on your account home directory (public_html) and compress all other files include database, emails,etc.,

root@OLD[~]#/scripts/pkgacct <cpuser>–skiphomedir

Once backup completed transfer backup file to your remote server and restore vis /scripts/restorepkg <cpuser>. Once these process completed rsync public_html folder from OLD server to NEW server

root@OLD[~]#rsync -avz –progress /home/cpuser/public_html  root@<newserverip>:/home/cpuser

Thants all!!

Restoring an Existent Account Tip

root@c5-2 [~]# /scripts/restorepkg anyuser
Sorry, the user anyuser already exists on this system. If you really want to
do this run /scripts/restorepkg –force anyuser

Simply run these command

/scripts/restorepkg — force anyuser
/scripts/killacct $username
/scripts/restorepkg $username

Other control panel Transfer

Pl*sk to cPanel


EnXim to cPanel


DA to cPanel


OTHER to cPanel


Shell script to backup all accounts
for i in `ls /var/cpanel/users`
/scripts/pkgacct $i

Restore all accounts

Move cpbackups to /home folder and user list in /root/userlist which need to restore.

for i in `cat /root/userlist`
/scripts/restorepkg $i
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