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cPanel Game Server Installation

cPanel Game Server Installation

cPGS is a software module that allows you to set up and run a game server. You are even able to run cPGS on its own server and games on different servers.



Perl 5+
OpenSSL (including headers, usually in a separate package called something like openssl-devel or ssl-dev)
Net::SSLeay perl module
IO::Socket::SSL perl module
IPC::Run perl module

cPanel Game Server Installation Steps

1) cPGS should be installed in WHM, as the root user (not reseller), in the “Manage Plugins” section.

2) Remote servers (without cPanel installed) can be installed in WHM once cPGS has been installed. There is a link in the Game Server Management page to “Install Remote Server” which gives you several different means by which to install the server remotely. If this isn’t working for yoiu for some reason, put in a support ticket and we can help troubleshoot it.

3) After the installation on the cPanel or remote server(s), configure the /var/cpanel/cpgsd.cfg file. This applies to both remote and local installations.

allowedips: comma delimited list of IP addresses that are allowed to talk to the daemon server (default:
logfile: path to the log for cPGSD (default: /var/log/cpgsd.log)
sslpem: the SSL PEM file to use. This can be generated by the cpgsd_install script (default: /var/cpanel/cpgs.pem)
pkgdir: location of the gameserver package files (default: /home/gameservers/)
secret: the shared secret key/pass you will use between servers. Be sure this value is the same on any servers involved in cPGS
qstat: path to the qstat binary for getting stats on some games (default: /usr/local/bin/qstat)
root: the base directory for cpgsd files (default: /var/cpanel/)
port: port that cpgsd listens on. do not change if at all possible. (default: 2092)

4) Start up the cpgsd.pl daemon on any gameserver boxes.

The start up script: /var/cpanel/cpgsd.pl
This will log data to /var/log/cpgsd.log by default.
You can change the log file by editing /var/cpanel/cpgsd.cfg and setting the logfile= variable.

5) Log into WHM on the cPanel machine and begin configuring users you will allow to run gameservers.

6) Log into the user’s cPanel account and configure the gameserver, start it up and, assuming all is well.

Thats all!!

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