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Install custom Modules

Install custom Modules

We can use custom modules such as Apache and PHP modules also known as “Opt Mods” and “optmods” through the EasyApache system. You can access these modules from both the command line and the WHM interface. EasyApache will compile these custom modules as well as all the other modules you select into PHP and Apache.

How to install custome module

Use the following steps at the command line to install custom modules.

cd  /var/cpanel/easy/apache/custom_opt_mods/

Download your custome module for example mod_GeoIP

wget http://docs.cpanel.net/twiki/pub/EasyApache/EasyApacheCustomModules/custom_opt_mod-mod_geoip.tar.gz

tar -zxvf custom_opt_mod-mod_geoip.tar.gz

Easy apache


Remove custom module

In order to remove a custom module from the server, delete the files associated with that custom module folder. after that run EasyApache.

You can refer custom modules documentation for more information.

WHM — Navigate to Home >> Software >> EasyApache (Apache Update) >> Help >> Cpanel::Easy Framework POD
/scripts/easyapache –perldoc

If you have problems when you build Apache with custom modules, execute the /scripts/easyapache –skip-custom-optmods command to revert back all the default settings.

Example modules.
mod_auth_mysql This module allows you to authenticate users and authorize access through a MySQL database. Supports Apache 1.3 and 2.0 only. Download
mod_GeoIP This module looks up the IP address of the client web user in the GeoIP database. Download
mod_wsgi This module embeds the Python interpreter into Apache for faster Python applications. Information
GD with JIS-mapped Japanese font support This module provides JIS-mapped Japanese font support for the GD library under PHP5. Download
Turkish locale patch for PHP5 This module improves PHP5 support for the Turkish locale. Download
suPHP PAM patch This module allows you to use limits (/etc/security*.conf) with suPHP. Download
mpm-itk This module lets you run each virtual host with its own UID and GID. Download
PHP4 This module allows you to use PHP version 4.
Warning: PHP 4 is no longer supported in EasyApache 3.15 and later versions. See the cPanel press release for more information.
mod_reqtimeout This module allows you to mitigate slowloris attacks. Download
mod_remoteip This module replaces the original client IP address with the useragent IP address that is configured with the RemoteIPHeader directive. Download
mod_pagespeed This module allows you to install the mod_pagespeed module via EasyApache. Download
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